An Interview with Dr Amrita

September 27, 2022

For my first blog post I thought it would be a good idea to let you get to know me a little better so I passed things over to Lilia, my Assistant to ask me some questions.

I know you were a dentist before you started AKB Aesthetics so what made you want to go into dentistry?

I fell into Dentistry by chance, I actually wanted to be a Pharmacist but the Summer School I applied for only had dental places left and that was that… I never looked back! I graduated from The University of Birmingham in 2006 and have worked in the Midlands, Oxford and London. I loved my job but I never really wanted to own my own practice. Dentistry for me was varied, no two days were the same and I enjoyed the interaction with my patients and dental team. Don’t worry though I won’t be checking your teeth when your mid skin peel!

So what motivated you to move from dentistry to the world of aesthetics?

I’ve always been interested in skin aesthetics so in 2017 I decided to do an Aesthetics course in basic botox and fillers, but I didn’t really carry out many treatments as I continued to focus on my Dentistry. In 2018, I did an advanced course to help my confidence and this definitely made me want to explore more. I slowly began by carrying out aesthetic procedures in my dental clinic. The more experienced I became, the more people I began to help, I knew I had to add skin. That’s when I found AlumierMD in 2018. I didn’t for one second think at any point, this training would be the beginning of a new career path. For me, helping patients, needed to involve the whole package – skin, aesthetics and wellbeing. This is when my passion for aesthetics just skyrocketed.

When did you make the jump to aesthetics full time?

I was 5 months pregnant at the beginning of lockdown and after some long and hard discussions, I decided not to work throughout lockdown and my pregnancy. After we had settled into life at home, no school and no work, the pressures started to slowly slip in. However I had a life line and I used this time to invest time into my business and reach out to people and help them virtually. I could not have imagined things to grow as rapidly as they did. I met some of my most amazing transformations and supported some life changing success stories during lockdown and this just fueled my ambition to want to make this my main ‘job’.

Fast forward to last September (2021), and I made the leap to take a break from Dentistry and focus on AKB Aesthetics. A year on, I am fully settled in my new clinic at The Happy Body Project and business is growing from strength to strength. Old and new patients coming through my doors, trusting me with their faces, and this makes me so happy and privileged.

What are your goals for AKB Aesthetics – where do you see the business in 5 years?

I’d love to continue to build my brand. Continual education is paramount but I would certainly like to take my qualification in aesthetics to the next level. I have started to grow my team with the introduction of you, Lilia, my second pair of hands, who helps keep things running in the background. However, I would love to get more therapists on board in clinic as well and be able to offer more treatments and services under one roof would be fantastic.

What’s your favourite treatment?

To perform it’s got to be Alumier Peels and Skin Pen. To receive it’s got to be botox! People always ask me and yes I do treat myself, the benefit of being qualified.

What’s your daily skin care routine?

AM –

Perfect Peel Cleanser

Bright and Clear Solution

Everactice Vit C

Ultimate Boost Serum or Intellibright

Sheer Hydration SPF

at night, all of the above except Retinol instead of Vit C and no SPF!

What’s your skincare life saver?

That’s a tough question but if I had to pick my top 3, I’d have to choose Alumier Sheer Hydration Versatile Tint SPF, Alumier Intellibright and Obagi Retinol, but there’s so much more!

And finally tell us about you – what are your hobbies, what do you do outside of AKB Aesthetics?

I am one big foodie. I love to cook, feed and be fed! My husband and I love to go to different restaurants and travelling for us is all about the cuisine. We love to entertain and are famous for our Bhogal BBQs, the perfect excuse to get together with our family and friends.

As a mum of 3 young boys, I have lost sight of my hobbies a little but I am slowly getting back into reading, keeping fit (you may sometimes see me at the fitness classes and yoga at Happy Body Project) and I would love to get an allotment! Our house is a little bit of chaos but lots of love, with music playing pretty much all the time (probably to drown out all the shouting!). I love a good dance, especially to 80s, 90s and 00s music. I am a real homebody, so my ideal few hours would be a quiet house, cup of tea, Cadbury’s Twirl and a RomCom, oh and a face mask of course!

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