Aggie’s Glowing Skin

Aggie first came to see me back in March 2022 for a skin consultation. She had been struggling with her skin and had been to see other clinics but didn’t feel her concerns were improving. Aggie had been struggling with hormonal breakouts and large pores and felt her skin was dull. Her goal was to have clearer, brighter looking skin.

As with all new patients, we started off with a skin consultation and analysis. This is a thorough chat about concerns, medical history, lifestyle, goals and expectations. Aggie was able to physically see what was happening in the superficial and deeper layers of her skin. From there, we discussed a morning and evening protocol for Aggie using AlumierMD. A skin analysis is a great visual tool for patients to see where the skin is at and then compare 3 months later, to see the improvements and tweak treatment/skincare as needed.

Aggie wanted to start with some anti-wrinkle injections to freshen up her upper face and eye area. We then planned for a course of Hydr02facials and are planning microneedling using SkinPen. Now her skin is healthier, SkinPen is going to help further improve the texture and quality of the skin. Each treatment boosts collagen by 400%.

Aggie is so pleased with her progress and regularly sends me pictures fresh faced, looking very confident in her skin. She has been committed to her routine and in clinic treatments since the day we first met. Aggie always books a few treatments ahead and is so in tune with her skin and body, any triggers that can cause a little dip and how to use her products effectively to keep those pesky hormonal spots at bay.

These pictures show how Aggie’s skin has improved by June 2022, that’s just 3 months after she started her skin journey with me!

Dr. Amrita Bhogal of AKB Aesthetics
In Aggie’s words

“Skin looks great by the way, it really does! I don’t think I had such nice skin when I was in my 20s!”

How amazing does Aggie’s skin look? These kind of progress pictures are the very reason I love helping patients with problematic skin.