Emma’s Skin Journey

Emma got in touch through a recommendation in July 2020, so in the middle of lockdown. She had been struggling with her skin for a long time and always felt the need to cover up. Suffering from breakouts, redness and dryness, she had tried all sorts of products to help.

After a virtual consultation and good chat about Emma’s skin journey to date, her known triggers, her current routine and her skin goals, we started her off on her Alumier journey.

Starting off very slowly to first repair her compromised barrier, our aim was to hydrate and repair before tackling any of the breakouts. After just one week, Emma sent over these progress pictures and we were both over the moon! It’s amazing how keeping things simple can sometimes have the biggest impact.

I didn’t actually meet Emma for a treatment until 2nd October 2020, when clinics started to re-open. That was a good 3 months of prepping her skin and we were desperate to peel! We did a course of peels and saw some big changes. We did hit a bit of a blip where Emma suffered from ‘Maskne’ due to having to still wear masks at work but we pulled through it.

Slowly, we tweaked Emma’s routine to include some Salicyclic Acid and Retinol to help those pesky spots and improve the texture of her skin. Now that Emma’s skin was clearing up, all she could see was scars.

We then did a course of SkinPen with AnteAGE Growth Factor. Needling is the gold standard treatment for scarring. Each treatment can boost your collagen by 400% and coupled with the growth factor, you kick start that healing process for reduced downtime and better results.

I haven’t seen Emma for a while now but we touch base every now and then to review and catch up! I’d like to say, I have educated Emma well enough for her to manage her skin and routine. She knows how to tweak and adjust depending on her skin or time of the year.

Emma’s goal was to be make up free and only last month did I get this gorgeous fresh faced selfie whilst on holiday in Ibiza. Receiving pictures like this really make my day. To have helped Emma, has been life changing for her and commitment to her skin goal and reaps rewards. She has recommended so many people to me and I feel so privileged to have been in a position to help.

Well done Emma for all the hard work and for trusting the process. You look radiant!

If you struggle with problematic skin, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a virtual consultation or in clinic skin analysis so we can get you started on your skin journey.

In Emma’s own words:
‘When I got in touch with Amrita in lockdown, I had battled for years with my skin, I’d tried endless remedies/creams/laser/roaccutane and nothing ever worked. She gave me an Alumier routine to follow during lockdown, I got a few peels in and have more recently had some skin pen needling to help with scarring left behind. Never did I think last year I’d be going out without makeup on because it’s never happened before, now I just wear a tinted spf and have got a definite glow, I can’t thank Amrita enough for always checking in on me and giving the best advice and treatments, I’m so so happy with the results and will continue using Alumier forever more 🥰’
Dr. Amrita Bhogal of AKB Aesthetics