Hollie’s Tweaks

Hollie had been to us about other treatments but on one appointment mentioned she wanted more of a brow lift and to see more of her eyelids.

We discussed treatment using ‘Botox’ to help relax certain muscles to encourage others to work harder to create that ‘lift’. Treating muscles to achieve certain results is a bit of an art. Muscles work like a pulley system so if you relax one, the opposite muscle will overcompensate and work harder – we can use this to our advantage!

Once we had gone through the consultation process, Hollie wanted to give this treatment a go. Treatment is pain-free and quick and if needed, you can go back to work straight after. There are a few after care instructions but these are always given to you before so you can plan the treatment accordingly. Downtime is generally very minimal.

Hollie’s biggest concern before embarking on this treatment was that it wouldn’t look natural. I reassured Hollie that ‘Botox’ done well should look natural. Looking frozen, in my opinion, is not a good look. I will always treat on the side of caution and add if needed, especially with someone who is having treatment for the first time. We can always add, we can’t take it out!

Treatment usually takes 7-10 days to kick in and the optimal results are seen around 2-3 weeks mark.

Two weeks later, we assessed the result and we were both so pleased! Movement still where it needed to be, but no frown lines and those brows were lifted! Hollie looked more awake and fresh and no one would even know what she had done.

The subtle but effective lift means more of Hollie’s eyelid can be seen, taking away some of the heaviness she was starting to feel.

This treatment will typically last 4 months depending on the individual. Always bear in mind that soon after 8 weeks, the body will naturally break down the toxin so it’s a gradual breakdown resulting in the movement of the muscle slowly coming back to normal.  I would always recommend to keep on top of this treatment to ensure the accumulative benefits and long term prevention.

If you are interested in a brow lift or want to find out how you could benefit from this treatment, please book in for a consultation.

Dr. Amrita Bhogal of AKB Aesthetics