Katya’s Struggle with Excessive Sweating

Katya has struggled with excessive sweating for years and felt self conscious about it especially in the summer months where she had to consciously choose darker coloured clothes. She was recommended to us as she had heard of this treatment but didn’t know where to go.

We always start with a consultation to assess medical history and discuss the sweating in her underarms. Treating excessive sweating for the underarms is very popular especially over the warmer months but we can also treat hands and feet. Botulium Toxin or ‘Botox’ is injected into the area to stop the sweat glands from producing excessive sweat, leaving patients feeling less sweaty.

Treatment involves cleansing the skin and small injections using a very fine needle in the problem area. No anaesthetic is required as it’s pain free and over in minutes. There is very little downtime and you can carry on with your daily tasks.

Katya felt this treatment kicked in after a few days and it was life changing. From being paranoid and self conscious, she felt confident no matter the weather or social situation, wearing the clothes she wanted.

Katya came back for a top up after 6 months as recommended. We recommend coming back for a top up within 4-6 months but this is dependent on you as an individual. Katya felt the treatment had lasted a good length of time and happy she can treat this problem on a 6 monthly basis. We have found this treatment generally lasts longer than the more common treated areas with Botox such a frown lines and crows feet.

Helping Katya with this life changing treatment has been amazing and I’m so pleased she came to me to seek advice.

If you’re self conscious about sweating, unable to wear certain clothes in hot weather or sweat a lot when you’re nervous/anxious, this is the perfect treatment for you.

Get in touch to book your consultation, I would love to help.

In her words…

‘Botox on my underarms has been a game changer! I have always suffered with excessive sweating, whether it be in the summer or winter.
Botox was the final option for me after trying various over the counter products, medication etc.
Amrita has been so helpful and friendly throughout which has put my nerves at ease about the treatment, it was pretty pain free and so quick!
I can now wear any type/colours of tops without having to check and worry about sweat patches constantly!’

Dr. Amrita Bhogal of AKB Aesthetics