Maya’s Enhancements

Maya came for a consultation to discuss her jawline. She felt she needed more definition and was looking to have some filler. After a thorough chat and physical assessment, we both felt it would be more beneficial to treat Maya’s medical cheek, chin and lips.

These treatments were not what Maya had in mind, but when I showed her a picture of her profile and we analysed her Rickett’s Plane, we could see her chin and lips slightly fell short.

To improve balance and harmony and indirectly give the illusion of a straighter, more defined jaw, treating her chin would look more aesthetically pleasing. Maya agreed and we planned her treatment.

Initial treatment was medial cheek and chin. This made a huge difference straight away. I like to treat cautiously and in stages. This allows the patients to adjust to the changes and we can reassess and add more as needed. A month later, we treated Maya’s lips and added a little more in the chin.

Maya’s profile looks so much better and balanced. We may not have treated what Maya initially came in for but sometimes, treating another area can have an indirect positive impact on your area of concern. This is one of the reasons, a consultation is crucial and I wouldn’t treat patients with fillers without having met them first.

If you think fillers would benefit you, or you want to know if a little tweak could improve the balance of your facial features, get in touch for a consultation.

Dr. Amrita Bhogal of AKB Aesthetics
In Maya’s words
‘I decided to go with a dermal filler to improve the appearance of my profile. Amrita did a fantastic job of balancing the volume of the filler in my bottom lip and chin. The treatment softened my profile in a subtle way and I am delighted with the outcome.’