Seventy Hyal 2000

Seventy Hyal 2000

Seventy Hyal 2000

Seventy Hyal 2000

Introducing the Next Generation Skin Booster with hydrating hyaluronic acid that stimulates new collagen and elastin production. Seventy Hyal is the perfect rejuvenation treatment to improve skin texture and skin laxity whilst adding gentle volume.

With moisture-surging benefits, it can attract and retain moisture in the skin, treating the physiological depletion of hyaluronic acid we naturally lose with age. The skin remains lubricated and hydrated, softening fine lines and wrinkles and improving texture.

Two to three treatments are recommended a month apart and then maintenance every 3-6 months as needed.

Not only can Seventy Hyal be used on the face, it can be used on the neck, decollete, arms, knees and hands!

Results can appear immediately and will improve over time and furthermore with the second treatment. This is a great treatment for younger skins looking for prevention and delaying the natural ageing process.


  •  A course of 3 treatments is £500 including a pre treatment peel and LED
  • Maintenance is £175

Please note prices vary from location to location

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Benefits of Seventy Hyal 2000

Hydration – Delivering intense and concentrated skin deep hydration

Glow – Bio-stimulation of new collagen production leaves your skin looking glowing and more youthful

Contour – Using one of the highest viscosities of HA on the market, it can help to subtly lift and tighten the lower face.

You will see;

  • A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement in tone of the skin
  • Improvement in texture of the skin
  • Overall luminosity of the skin