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Treatment Spotlight: PRP

October 19, 2023

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma is a non-surgical treatment that can help with a variety of hair loss concerns including thinning and can also be used on the face to rejuvenate the skin.

Being non-surgical means the treatment is a lot less invasive and safer than other hair loss treatments available in the market to help with hair restoration. PRP has been trusted and used for many years as it helps to stimulate the hair follicle and promote healing.

What Can PRP Treat?

  • Hair Thinning

  • Sunken Eyes

  • Puffy Eyes

  • Soften Wrinkles

During the PRP treatment, we draw samples of your own blood to process in a centrigude machine. The centrifuge machine separates the plasma ready to be extracted and injected into the scalp, under eye or face. We then finish the treatment with a session of LED therapy to help boost results and promote healing.

When we inject platelet rich plasma blood (jam packed full of growth factors which trigger the healing process) into damaged tissues, such as in the skin or scalp, it triggers the body to grow new healthy cells in that area. It maintains healthy hair growth and increases the hairs thickness by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle.

PRP is not only suitable for the scalp but can be injected under the eyes to improve dark circles or face for rejuvenation.

Always be mindful of social events post treatments and our advise would be to have treatment done at least 2 weeks before any event or sun exposure (holiday).

Benefits of PRP

  • Non-Surgical: Minimally invasive with a quick recovery. After taking blood, a needle is used to inject the platelet-rich plasma into the treatment area.

  • Non-Scarring: Due to the nature of the treatment, using only needles and no cutting of the treatment area, the risk of scarring is pretty much non-existent.

  • Absolutely Safe: This is one of the safest treatments out there for treating hair loss. As it is non-invasive and only uses your own body cells. This eliminates any risks associated with allergic reactions and no risk of contamination.

  • Natural-Looking and Highly Effective Results: Treating the root cause of the problem. PRP stimulates the healing process to produce more collagen and elastin using your own body’s platelets.

The treatment involves drawing blood, which involves a needle. Numbing cream is applied before treatment to make it more comfortable.

There is minimal downtime. Initially, the area will scab over and it’s very important not to catch or pick at the scans otherwise there’s a risk of scarring and pigmentation. You may appear red and sunburnt on the first day, but after 24 hours this will all have settled.

Courses of 3-6 are required with maintenance every 6 months to maintain healthy, strong hair. It will take a few weeks for new hair growth to begin to come through.

PRP for Scalp and Hair costs start from £900 which includes LED treatment and at Home Hair System worth £160. 

For a few days after the treatment, keep routine very simple. SPF is a must from the next day after treatment. After a week you can continue with your normal routine.

Always remember to stop any retinols 5 days before a treatment.

Dr Amrita Bhogal will give you comprehensive post-care instructions and is always available should you have any questions.

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