World Menopause Month – Dermalux

October 26, 2022

October marks World Menopause Month, a really important time to educate ourselves on the vast topic of Menopause. A lot of the ladies who walk into my clinic are experiencing some symptoms of perimenopause or menopause, so it is really important to know how I can support them with the tools I have in clinic.

At AKB Aesthetics I spend a lot of time with patients during their consultation, understanding more than just their skin history and current regimes, but their lifestyle, mood, diet and stress levels – sometimes I spend more time chatting about well being than skin. It’s important to me in all scenarios, not just menopausal woman, to understand the bigger picture to prescribe the best treatment plan.

Here at the clinic, I use Dermalux® Tri-WaveMD LED therapy. The most powerful LED light to provide a non-invasive, no contact, medical treatment that harnesses the power of natural light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. An ideal treatment for ladies during perimenopause and menopause.

Symptoms of menopause skin;

  • Drier, more itchy skin
  • Menopausal acne along jawline and chin
  • Flare up of rosacea and psoriasis
  • Hair loss but more hair in undesirable places like chin and upper lip
  • Excessive signs of ageing – loss of elasticity and more wrinkles

There are three coloured lights that work in different ways to not only improve the skin, but your mood or even aches and pains.

BLUE works as an antibacterial light to kill the P.Acnes bacteria on the skin. It targets the epidermis layer, all while offering a feel good factor. It works to boost serotonin levels, the ‘happy hormone’. The perfect light to help menopausal acne and low mood which a lot of women experience during this time.

RED is the energizing light, it works to excite your cells to create more cell turnover and boost collagen and elastin. It works to rejuvenate the skin and give that ‘holiday glow’. It can help to hydrate dry and dehydrated menopausal skin and increases melatonin which promotes better sleep.

NEAR INFRARED (NIR) is the calming light which works to stimulate and strengthen the skin barrier and increase blood flow. The more blood and oxygen in the skin, the better glow. Invisible to the naked eye, it’s so powerful that it penetrates right through to bone and bone marrow. Anti-inflammatory, calming, reduces redness and helps with musculoskeletal pain. This wavelength has super powers!

A versatile treatment, we can treat so many symptoms, in one session.

A lovely client attended the clinic with skin concerns. During the consultation when we delved deeper, it came to light that maybe the beginning of menopause was to play. So I stripped it right back and started her treatment to focus on her low mood, as this seemed to be her biggest concern. After a course of Blue Light Therapy, coupled with managing to get her to see her GP, she was a new woman. We are now focusing back to her skin and have already started on a course of Red and NIR light therapy for rejuvenation.

In addition to LED, I would recommend needling, peels, radio frequency and injectables as a treatment to help with skin problems due to menopause. As well as a constant review of your skin care, with these big hormonal changes, we need to keep the conversation going to ensure the skin regime isn’t static and keeps working with the changing skin. We’ll introduce Vitamin C and E for antioxidant protection, Vitamin A (Retinol) to speed cell turnover, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and richer creams to hydrate and, of course SPF, to protect the more fragile skin, due to the extracellular matrix deteriorating.

I feel fortunate to be based at the Happy Body Project Wellness Centre. With so many specialised therapists around me, I can offer patients a holistic approach to their transition through the menopause. Whether it’s nutrition, talking therapy, sexual health or personal training, there’s something to help everyone.

If you are struggling with your skin and you suspect you are going through hormonal changes, please do get in touch and book a consultation.

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